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The current club subscription fee's are as follows:


The total fee for each lesson is shared between the Portslade Sports Centre and the club. The usual fee is 4.90 for non-members of the Sports Centre, or 4.20 for members. Out of this money, 1.00 goes to the club and is used to pay for various items including our instructor's insurance and membership to the National Aikido Federation.

The rest of the fee is paid directly to the Sports Centre for the use of their facilities.

NAF Membership Fee's

In order to have full insurance cover for the practice of Aikido at our dojo, each student must apply for membership with the National Aikido Federation. This usually takes place after a few lessons, allowing time for new students to decide if they wish to continue learning Aikido. The current NAF membership fee's can be found on their website here (approx 20.00 per year). This fee goes entirely to the NAF and does not directly benefit the club.  

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